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Computer Repair
Computer related activities tend to come naturally to me. I've built a couple of computers. I've studied various software packages and am the resource for a lot of my friends when they want to know how to do something with the computer.

I have fixed a number of computers for friends and family.

  • Computer not getting power
  • Computer getting power but nothing on the screen
  • Computer in a continuous reboot loop without actually starting Windows
  • Computer starting up, but running terribly slowly
  • Computer virus hit and needed to be removed
  • Child's old computer with password and need to get in to remove information after the child has left home
  • Data backup prior to exchanging computer for another
  • Set up home computer network
  • Upgrade computer components: power supply, RAM, hard drive, DVD drives, motherboard
  • Need system restore to a previous point
  • Need complete system restore with software reinstalled to get system running as it did when it was brought home from the store
  • Troubleshoot software functionality
  • Enhance usability of computer through software customization