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Welcome to packphotos!

In our lives, we like to have a "go-to" guy. There's always that someone who knows a little bit about a lot of things and can work to make your dreams become reality.

I'm that guy.

Computer related activities tend to come naturally to me. I've been designing websites since the mid-90s. I've built a couple of computers. I've studied various software packages and am the resource for a lot of my friends when they want to know how to do something with the computer.

I am an amateur photographer who has been working in Adobe Photoshop since the mid-90s to do touch-ups and manipulations. It is a true joy in my life to start with a given photograph and make changes to it that make the finished product appear as my friends want it. I've had commissions from across the country.

I will repair tears, wrinkles, scratches, color mismatches, red-eye, and wardrobe malfunctions. I will remove items from the photo that you don't like. I can remove those fly-away hairs and enhance your coloring. I can slim your figure or add extra weight.

If you would like your photos touched up, manipulated, fixed, or changed in any way, please let me know.